Are you visiting Finnmark in winter time and are eager to experience the beautiful snow landscape? Here are our offers for you.

Winter offers November to April

Please make sure to read our General Info before heading out on any adventure with us
— Wild Caribou AS

Chasing Northern Lights

Northern Light hunting 1.JPG

Polar dog racing


You have heard about Northern Lights but never seen them? Then head for this adventure. You will sit on reindeer skins around a cozy campfire. While we make a good cup of hot tea, we chase for the famous Northern Light.

850 NOK /person (includes warm drinks)
Suitable for groups- please contact for price
(2 hours)

Embrace the opportunity and let a polar dog pull you through the wild nature. You will have a lot of fun and it will definitely be an unforgettable adventure!

Not for children under 12 years. From 12 to 18 only accompanied by an adult.

 1-2 persons   -  1100 NOK /person, Guide is included (1,5 - 2 hours)


Icon of wild caribou

Ski going with Greenland dog


Admire the famous Icon of wild Caribou in the darkness. 1000 reindeer horns illuminated by a green light, similar to the Northern Light.

90 NOK/ Person, 40 NOK from 12 to 18 years, under 12 years free

Do you love to go on ski and want to take it to a new level? Our happy dogs are taking you through the wonderful arctic landscape and will make this trip to an unforgettable experience!

! This trip is reserved for people with good ski-skills, bring your own ski !

1100 NOK / person, guide included (ski not included)


Stay overnight alone in the nature


Dog Sledding - only for overnight staying guests


Are you looking for a special place to stay? Then our Arctic Dome might be the right decision. Follow the link below for more information ↓

Have you ever been dreaming of a sled trip? This offer is just for you, who is staying over night at Wild Caribou. Please follow the link below to learn more