A homely accommodation for one night, or more?

The Wild Caribou’s Wildwood cabin


The energy on this property is just amazing!

Guest review

  • Living in and with the nature

  • Cozy and modern style of furnishing

  • A time off from every day


Are you looking for a place, where you can be in peace? Do you want to leave behind you everyday stress, traffic noise, big city lights, crowd of people?

Then this must be the right overnight stay for you. Our cabin is situated near to our garden, with forest around you. If you leave the front door, you are right in the arctic nature, with a small river and the mountains just a few steps away. While you stay overnight you can take your time to walk trough our “Natural park” with a lot of information about the Arctic nature and polar phenomenons.

If you want to stay one night or more, just contact us, and we will be pleased to help you with the stay