Where we are and what we do


We are a family living far up in the North of Norway, in Finnmark. Our town is called Lakselv, where the river Lakselv flows into the Porsangerfjord.

We love to be in the nature and try to spend every minute we can outside. We are outdoor enthusiasts and love to take our big sled dog kennel, called Cuddly Paw Forest, with us to sleep under the stars far up in the mountains, where the fox and the hare say good night and the Northern lights dance above our heads.

It is amazing how beautiful our world is and what it gives to us. Our vision is to make you feel the wonderful heartbeat of this wild nature of Northern Norway.

We have a small company where we combine art and wild nature from Northern Norway. Our inspiration sources are the four seasons of the year in the forests, mountains and the sea.

We invite you to visit us, feel free to message us, and we hope we will see you soon.

*Sincerely Kai-Simon and Sandrine*

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul
— unknown