Sterling silver versus silver plated jewelry

Hello there,


Today I wonder what you have in your jewelry box? I am sorry but as I am a goldsmith, this is a funny question ;-)

Most of us may not only have precious metals like gold an silver in their jewelry box. And today I want to tell you the difference between sterling silver and silver-plated, not precious, metal.

Most of the jewelry we have is silver-plated. If you do not find the stamp 925S on the backside of your jewelry, you can assume that it is silver-plated.

The difference is very simple. Silver-plated jewelry has a thin layer of pure silver that covers a base metal, often copper, brass or others containing nickel. Real sterling silver consists of nearly pure silver.

Due to the layer of silver, silver-plated jewelry looks good and solid. But this thin layer of silver will quickly scrape off, and the base metal appears. The result is red or yellow jewelry that does not look nice and that will lie in your jewelry box without being used.

Sterling silver is nearly pure. Of course, when you use it a lot it will get scratches and marks, too, but the only thing that can appear is silver.

So, please allow me a quick look into your …. oh, my dear, what have I seen?? Red, yellow, green colors among silver?? :-P

Think about it, when you by jewelry. It is absolutely worth it to invest a little bit more money to buy a real sterling silver jewerly and to have joy for the rest of your life.

Oh, and one more thing: Never buy sterling silver from China or Mexico. Although is it marked with 925S, it is often no real sterling silver.

P.s. Have you seen the new jewelry I just posted on my online shop? It is new whale inspired jewelry, and I want to give 10% of the price to the non-profit whale organisation “Norwegian Orca Survey”, that do such a fantastic job the preserve the whales in the arctic sea.

I wish you a fabulous day - Sandrine

"Hvaldimir" the cute beluga whale in Hammerfest

Hvaldimir, the white beluga whale

Hvaldimir, the white beluga whale

In April 2019 a beautiful white beluga whale appeared at the North-Norwegian coast. Nobody knows where the whale came from, but it is for sure that this whale was used to humans. On his body he carried a harness with a Russian lettering. Russia did not claimed the whale back and since this day the beluga whale made the harbour of Hammerfest to its home, playing around with the inhabitants and tourist that want to catch an eye on him.

The inhabitant of Hammerfest gave him the name “Hvaldimir”. Hval means whale in the Norwegian language. But it can also be seen as a play on the name of Vladimir.

Hvaldimir is very tame and used to people, however it seems that he can not find its own food. Since the day Hvaldimir arrived in Hammerfest many volunteers and the non -profit organisation “Norwegian Orca Survey” are using their time and money to make sure that the whale is fed and taken care of.

For this reason we, at Wild Caribou, are working on a Whale-collection. 10% of every sold jewelry is going to the non-profit organisation to help taking care of Hvaldimir.

The collection is in progress and many sketches are waiting to get alive. However, two cute beluga whale jewelries are already out for sale, a pin and a necklace.

Arctic Breathing Space, the season is beginning

Arctic Breathing Space

Arctic Breathing Space

We are already in June and it is big time to be heard from again :-) The last months we spent in making flowers from seeds, we spruced up the garden, dome, cabin, shop, the café, and so many many more things. Everything needs to be nearly perfect until summer guests arrive.

This year we are going to open our “Arctic breathing space”, a little green pearl in the middle of the arctic nature, where you just can breath and relax. A lot of signs tell you about the nature and the wild life in Northern-Norway and, of course, in our café we are pleased to serve you a good drink, hot or cold.

We are still in the beginning of the season, that means we still have a little time to fix the last things on our list ;-)

We wish you all a good summer season, make sure to drop by when you are here in this area :-D

February - new offer for our guests!

This February was just amazing! The weather was fantastic. The sun is finally back after three month and gave us warm sunbeams in our backs and faces. We got much snow, which was really perfect, as we just launched our new winter experience for guests - dog sledding with polar dogs!


Maybe you already have seen it, we extended our winter offers. From now on we take you with us on a unforgettable sled trip with our Greenland dogs. This offer is reserved for guest who are staying overnight in our place. We already made some incredible trips. Just look at this photo, where we sailed silently over the snow bathing in full moon light.

Our Dome lined up for some warm overnights to guest from around the world. We were so fortunate that we just went into a geomagnetic storm due to big sun storms. This gave as fantastic nights with Northern Lights, leaving our guests behind with amazing memories!

If you want to know what is knew in the jewelry part of our company, then check out our online-store. We just are giving a discount on all our dream-catchers! ;-)

We hope your February was at least as wonderful as ours. Let’s slide into March, the spring-month in a lot of countries.

P.S. If you are curious about our dogs and sled adventures, feel free to take a look on our Facebook-/Instagrampage Cuddly Paw Forest ;-)

January - month of magic

January is a lovely time here in Northern Norway. We are still in the polar night, it is dark and cold. The day is dawning during some few hours around 12 am, leaving the nature in a beautiful blue light. When it get dark again, magical Northern lights appear, flickering above our heads in waves and bows.

The sun is on the way back above the horizon and in some places we can see it in the end of January, again leaving us with beautiful light. This time in a color palette going from yellow, orange into pink in violet.

When the sun start to raise again, the temperatures are falling far below zero, making out of nature the most amazing ice sculptures.

The land is covered with a thick snow carpet, making the nature fall asleep. It is reflecting calm and piece to our lives, making us relaxing and saving energy.

However, some animals are born to live in this extreme nature, of of these are Greenland dogs. Colder it gets, more energy they have and just want to run and touch the white carpet with their paws.

Nature is doing a lot of magic up here in the North in January. Beautiful and stunning at the same time! ♥

A little candy for you

Hi, today I have a little candy for you. The year 2019 is only some days in and this might be a good moment to share with you a little something ;-)


A little time ago I wrote an e-book about silver jewelry and how to keep it shiny. Nearly everybody who has silver jewelry lying around is struggling with black and dull silver jewelry. So I wanted to do something about that.

Silver is the most beautiful and magical of all the white metals. The shiny glossy surface makes it the most coveted metal in the world. But this is no help to us, when in reality we only find some black and dull jewelries in our cupboard.

So what can we do about it?

Silver is very durable. But as you may have noticed, silver quickly gets black discoloration, the so-called oxidation. This is a completely natural chemical reaction. But fortunately you can do something about it! And that is the reason why I wrote this adorable little book!

"Lucky moments, be the most beautiful with shiny silver jewelry".

If you downloaded it, all you need to do is to read it carefully and follow it step by step. I wish you a lot of fun with it!

P.s. This link will only be available for 2 days. So be quick ;-) …. If you missed it, do not worry, just follow us, we are going to re-post it later in the year ;-)

An amazing star sky

We just want to share with you this beautiful shoot from yesterday evening. Our guests did not get an aurora night. But when it get cold, with temperatures below 16 degrees, the clouds blow away and leave us with a stunning view on the treasures of the night sky!


January sweethearts ♥ Birth stones

First, thank you for another amazing year together ♥ and thank you for all the New year wishes we received from all around the world. We really appreciate that!

I hope everybody had rocking celebrations and we wish to all of you a cheerful year ahead!

Wild Caribou pendant with a red garnet

Wild Caribou pendant with a red garnet

January just started and that is the perfect moment to make changes in our life in order to grow as a person. I do not mean that we need to be better persons, but choose to be better. And who couldn’t? ;-)

For some persons that might be quite challenging, and for that reason I want to give you a little help. Maybe it can be a jump start if you do not know where to start, or it can lead you further into a always existing path you are walking on.

Aaaaand my offer is - birth gem stones! :-D And I invite you to use these as an opportunity to reach deeper into yourself.

A birth gem stone is a stone hat represents a person’s month of birth. Gem stones have qualities that affect your destiny and they have healing powers.

So, for all the sweethearts born in January - your stones is the Garnet. The Garnet is the symbol of faith and love. It prevents nightmares and can provide guidance in darkness. It is a stone of regeneration and energizing, and boost your whole system as it cleanse and reenergize the chakras. If you have a garnet on you and you are a nervous person you might feel calmer.

Isn’t this amazing? If you feel like to wear a garnet, may it be because of its special powers, because you are a January baby, because you feel it could be a lucky charm or just because you love the red color of the garnet, that shout out!

I would lovely make a special jewelry for you including this precious stone ♥

Warm greetings ♥ Sandrine

We love real silver ♥

Aaaaaand you are going to love it, too!

Hello there,

Do you know what real silver is? Yes, think, silver is actually the most coveted metal in the world! And there are some good reasons for it.


Silver is nearly a pure metal. Real silver, also called Sterling silver or 925 Silver, consists of 92,5% pure silver. The rest, only 7,5%, is copper. This copper is mixed in to increase the hardness and strength, because 100% pure silver is a little bit to soft for jewelry in daily use.

Sterling Silver is a really clean material and you have to look long after substances that are harmful to you, or substances you can react allergic to.

Have you reacted to jewelry before? Got rash?

Oh…then you may have reacted to nickel. Nickel is often used in silver plated jewelry or “not real silver”, as I like to call it and this is really not good for you!

Sterling silver may be more expensive, but it is our health we need to care about.

We wanted you to know this, because we really care for you, so think about it :-)

We wish you a fabulous day!

The amazing wild caribou letter

Welcome to the Frosty Caribou Letter! The Wild Caribous living in the frosty forest of Northern Norway are so glad that you are here and giving them an ear. They have so much to tell to you about what is happening in their forest and around their big Icon of Wild Caribou.

Listen carefully, they sometimes have something to give to you. And if you want so, feel free to tell everybody to follow the frosty letter, so that the caribous do not have to shout so loudly ;-)