Wild Caribou general info

It is the participants' own responsibility to take out travel and accident insurance that cover trip cancellation, baggage, and extended medical insurance. This should include emergency evacuation insurance to cover any and all expenses associated with medical evacuation in the unlikely event such a measure be required. The customer is personally responsible for evaluating his/her physical and/or mental condition in relation to the contents of the relevant activity. Wild Caribou reserves the right to deny any customer's participation in activities if Wild Caribou consider it to be necessary for the safe and/or appropriate execution of the activity. When relevant, all participants must sign a waiver accepting personal responsibility for his/her participation in activities before the activity starts.


The customer takes part in Wild Caribou activities:

- Knowing that this might involve risk of personal injuries.

- Accepting that neither Wild Caribou nor any third party acting on behalf of Wild Caribou can be made responsible for any personal injury or damaged equipment sustained during the activity. This also includes transportation to and from the activity.

- Taking full personal responsibility for the consequences for any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions that can cause any acute onsets/attacks and have not previously suffered from, medical conditions that can be triggered by stress, cold or other exertion consequent on activities.

- Accepting that no third parties, hereunder family, can make any claims against Wild Caribou or any person acting on behalf of Wild Caribou on the customers behalf.

- Accepting that Wild Caribou does not hold accidents insurance. The customer therefore know that he/she is not insured by Wild Caribou in the case of any injury or damage to any equipment as a result of any situation he/she has caused or are responsible for.

- Accepting that claims towards Wild Caribou is regulated by Norwegian law.